Living a Better Healthy Life

Envoy Textiles Limited encourage living a better healthy life. Drinking healthy and sufficient water is very essential for healthy life. The above video demonstrates the necessity of this.

And ETL CSR initiative presentation.

Since the very beginning, Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) has been a sector where a considerable amount of Envoy Textiles Limited (ETL)’s efforts go into. A strong belief in an unwritten obligation towards the people and the environment drives ETL to continuously give something back.


• PEDIATRIC ICU FOR BURN INJURY [First of it’s kind in Bangladesh]
• Art Competition for Neighbourhood Children
• Priority Appointment to physically challenged persons (5 people and counting )
• Rana Plaza Disaster - Tk. 1 Million was provided through BGMEA
• Salary continuation even after CLOSING
• Helping the AUTISTIC (monthly financial assistance)
• Effluent Treatment Plant
• Tazreen fashions, Continuing the salary of 5 Deceases victims

Helping Victims of Landslide

Envoy Group stands beside the victims of hills landslide in Bangladesh. Mr. Hamimur Rahman, General Manager – Human resource of Envoy Textiles Limited handed over a two lac cheque to Mr. Abdul Kayum, Assistant Editor - Prothom Alo at their office on 17 June 2017 . This money will spend through Prothom Alo Trust Fund for the victims.



Every single day at ETL brings an opportunity to bring a smile on the faces of ETL employees by celebrating the birthdays. ETL is always spot on with employee birthday celebration. On the exact date of an employee’s birthday ETL rejoice with the employee at the workplace by presenting a gift box in small but joyous occasion. The gift box is full of interesting mementoes that the employees take home to share with his or her family that spreads the smile even more.


ETL is always beside its employees through thick and thin and stands by its employees when they step into a new phase of their lives. When an ETL employee is bound by matrimony, it is a practice in ETL to spread the smile by giving a generous ‘Wedding Gift’. This is one of the ways ETL shows that it is always concerned with the happiness of the employees.


The birth of a child is brings unbound joy and endless smiles. It is customary in ETL to welcome the child into the world by presenting a gift for the baby. An acknowledgement and congratulation letter is sent to the employee by ETL to add to the happiness of being a parent. The arrival of the new baby and the new parent are also informed to all ETL employees as that is an addition to the ETL family as well.


The treatment of ETL employees are like family and so when it comes to the close ones of an ETL employee they are treated the same. A policy that is in practice in ETL is ‘Children Wedding Assistance’ that helps ETL to put a smile on the children of ETL employees on the occasion of their wedding. What makes it special is that it is applicable for the employees for whom it is a difficult task to manage a grand occasion by them self.


The employees are highly efficient and highly productive individuals. And without a doubt they are the hardest working people around. And it is for these employees relentless effort ETL is in a commanding position in the denim sector. However, there are some remarkable individuals who are able to stand out of the already exceptional bunch of people and these people do not go unnoticed in ETL. To serve the purpose a financial reward is presented to the ‘Best Employee’ monthly, which is one of the many ways how ETL recognizes these individuals and show appreciation for their work.


To give the employees a taste of modern day entertainment, there is a Movie Theater with 3D enhancements. Entertainment has taken a big leap forward with the help of technology and ETL do not want the employees to miss out on this. The dazzling graphics of modern movies seen through 3D glasses give ETL employees visually thrilling entertainment and a surreal experience.


The ‘Medical Assistance’ support provided by ETL for the employees is to ensure that the smiles on their faces are complemented by a healthy and sound body. The support is given by bearing the medical expense an ETL and his or her spouse or children. The assistance provided by ETL has encouraged employees to enjoy better medical services and they come to work every day knowing their health concerns are in good hands.


A shining example of what an ‘Employee and Employer relationship’ really is. Employees who have spent a decade serving in ETL are given special recognition for their undying loyalty. The exceptional individuals set an example of what it takes to prove your allegiance to a cause. There are employees who have spent more than twenty years in ETL. Through this ETL has shown how it is as an employer and a standard for others to contemplate.


Healthy snacks are available for free to factory employees during work hours. Employees are well fed and energized all throughout the time of work because it is needed because workers in the production lines cannot afford any form of distraction while engaged in their duties. It saves them from the trouble of leaving work to get them or carrying them.


There are outdoor and indoor sports facilities in ETL. The employees are supplied with sports equipment’s for various games. Following events takes place round the year with huge enthusiasm:
Badminton,Basket Ball,Boat Riding,Carom,Chess,Cricket,Angling,Foos Ball,Football,Long Jump,Ludu,Musical Chair,Pillow Fight,Swimming,Table Tennis,Tug of War,Volleyball


ETL is proud to state that it is one of the neatest factory of its type. Besides keeping the factory clean, ETL has also taken steps to keep the dormitories healthy as well. Each month every room gets inspected for cleanliness, and the healthiest room occupants receives incentives along with Healthy Room Award.


ETL organize Cultural show and completion for employee recreation in every year at factory.


During the festivals especially the Eid’s, gifts for your close one means a lot. Giving and receiving of gifts become commonplace among families and relatives. To get in on the action and to show that the employees are just as close as family ETL gives out Eid Gift Hampers to every employee. Besides the Eid bonus and gift hamper with surprising items is certainly a bonus.


One of the policies strictly maintained in ETL is that, employee salaries are always transferred to respective salary accounts before the 1st day of the month. The employees have access to their salaries before the very first day of the month. The concern of obvious matters for example, an employee has to pay his or her house rent or utility bills every month during the first days, so getting the salary on the first days undoubtedly makes life much easier.


To make a profit is the ultimate goal and this is applicable for each and every business. The credit for ETL’s remarkable success goes to all the dedicated and hardworking employees. Along with all the ETL activities that focus on employee welfare, ETL shares its profit with the employees every year.


To encourage employees to develop a habit of savings and investment for their long-term financial security, Provident Fund scheme is available to all employees. Also the PF scheme is designed in way to provide higher benefits to long term service holders.


A "Participation Committee" is actively in place at ETL to hear out all the suggestions, complains or any other recommendations from anybody and everybody. The committee was formed on 25 October 2014 through election process. The committee sits in a meeting once in a month and discusses all issues in a congenial manner.


ETL provided scholarships for the studying HSC and Bachelors programs (based on merit)


Accidents may happen at any time to anyone. In case of emergency, ETL has its own ambulance to take the patient to the nearest hospital to receive the needed medical attention. The service is available 24 hours and 7 days a week.


To perform at the optimum level an employee has to be at the top of his game in terms of both mental and physical capabilities. The challenging and demanding lifestyle of a modern day professional leaves him little or no time to take care of his physical well-being. Keeping this in mind ETL has well equipped gymnasium in both Corporate Office and Factory with professional trainer. The accommodation is open for all ETL employees who can squeeze some time off their work to flex the rust out of their muscles

24 HOUR SHOP (self-service)

Need can occur any time. ETL Self Service Shop is open round the clock and is equipped with generally required items at doorstep to give convenience on daily and sudden needs.


The employees in ETL are not familiar with the trouble of getting internet access or an easily accessible computer. Conveniently placed Kiosks provides services like internet browsing, e-Mail access, fun computer applications such as video games for entertainment all within reach of the employees.


It is of utmost importance for one to be able to use a computer and have the basic knowledge about. So out of the sense of responsibility, ETL employees have voluntarily stepped up to provide computer training. The classes are held after office and this is a great help for the portion ETL employees who are yet to be able to use the computer proficiently.Trainers are also created through this system and they are also getting financial benefit for taking each.


ETL is well capable to provide the employees with excellent accommodation facilities. Employees seeking to avail accommodation services from the organization are places in the dormitory buildings located inside the factory premise. To make the employees feel at home the dormitories have all the modern amenities for comfortable residence. A clean, hygienic and healthy environment is strictly maintained. There are well furnished rooms, 24 hours of uninterrupted power, clean water and gas are supplied to ensure ETL dorms are an ideal modern residence.

Medical Center with Doctor

It is close to impossible to anticipate when or how a health problem may arise. ETL employees are provided with round the clock professional medical service. Doctors are available for the employees inside the factory premises. This allows employees easy access to professional medical advice, health checkup and welcome relief from the tension that comes in times of emergencies.


To serve delicious, well cooked food in mass quantities there are professional Chefs employed by ETL. To save the employees the trouble of cooking after a long hard day of work or even hiring, ETL pay the chefs to cook food of their choice and also provides subsidy for Breakfast and Dinner meal.


In addition to the chef service, ETL is also ensuring healthy snacks for all employees through in-house bakery. Fresh backed products are provided free of cost to each employee on every shift. In addition, the baked goods are also available to everyone round the clock


Employee salaries are given to bank accounts which are opened with ETL endorsement. They are opened in the name of the employee and they can use the account even after they part ways with ETL. This is a very secure way of transferring money and makes management of money easier, especially for factory workers. For the unlucky ones who haven’t had the chance to use a bank account, this gives them the opportunity to learn about this essential system of handling personal funds.


In ETL there is a strong faith and respect towards religion and religious obligations. Inside ETL factory premises, there is a mosque that call for azan according to correct religious practice. An Imam is there to conduct prayers, religious ceremonies, assist and encourage religious practice. The mosque inside the premise helps fulfill spiritual needs of ETL employees.


ETL offers Arabic Training Courses round the year and many of them have learnt Arabic through this.The training is provided by the Imam of the mosque who is also appointed as a full time employee of ETL.

Periodic Health Check-up

This is a collaboration program by ETL with a USA based organization known as ‘HAEFA – health and education for all’ and it consists doctors from reputed institutions of USA. A team of local doctors, nurses and paramedics with attached with them to implement the project.