Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (ICU) cum High Dependency Unit (HDU):

ETL has built a state of the art Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (ICU) cum High Dependency Unit (HDU) at Dhaka Medical College Hospital, under National Institute of Burn & Plastic Surgery, generally known as ‘Burn Unit of Dhaka Medical’. This facility is first kind in Bangladesh and prior to this there was no ICU/HDU for pediatric burn patients both in Government and Private Hospitals.

After building this unit, ETL has also taken the responsibility of maintain it at their own responsibility. Which included full cleaning of the premises, laundry of the bed sheet/pillows, etc. and also the maintenance of electrical, mechanical and civil constructions.

This 16 bed facility is running with air-conditioners with central oxygen system and with state-of-the-art amenities.

Priority Appointment of Physically Challenged People:

ETL is an equal opportunity employer, but in spite of that, it has prioritized the appointment of physically challenged people. So far, it has appointed 9 physically challenged people and still counting. Among these, most of the appointments were given proactively by ETL, people were being called and job was given promptly. Moreover, ETL looks after these people with extra care and follow-up on regular basis.

Art Competition for Neighborhood Children:

Every Year, ETL conducts an Art Competition for the children around factory premises. The walls for painting and art props are provided by ETL and prizes are also given. ETL also preserves the artwork in their wall at least for a year.